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Architecture Software

    • BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio & HoriZZon Platform
    • We offer world class Enterprise Architecture Modelling software, partnering with BiZZdesign
    • As independents, we specialise in integrating architecture tools with a number of software vendors
    • We develop our software add-ons that enhance modelling software

    Professional services

      • EA Capability Start-up
      • Capability Modelling & Maturity
      • EA / Solution Architecture Consulting
      • Strategies & Roadmaps
      • Architecture Model Configuration


      • Architecture Standards Training
      • Architecture Software Training

      Edifit Software Add-Ons

      Advanced Microsoft Word Generation

      Intuitive User Interfaces
      Generate New Documents
      Update Existing Documents
      Custom Word Styles & Templates

      JIRA & Confluence integration

      Download Projects, Boards and Issues
      Create Backlog Items
      Publish architectures to Confluence Spaces using intuitive user interfaces  

      Azure Integration

      Download or Provision Azure Resource Groups & Services

      model rationalisation

      De-Duplicate Architecture Artifacts Merge Model Packages  

      sharepoint integration 

      Download & Upload SharePoint Lists Publish architectures

      model exchange

      Advanced Model Artifact Exchange between Model Packages
      & Modelling Tools

      Advanced Word Document Generation

      • The need to regularly produce architecture deliverables such as solution options analyses, high level designs and detailed level designs.
      • The architecture is modelled using architecture tooling and stored in an architecture repository but then extracted or re-produced manually to create Word document deliverables.
      • The deliverables are ‘living’ documents meaning there is a need to keep the architecture repository and documents in sync.

      Architecture Model Rationalisation

      • Separation of user modelling has resulted in multiple models, each of which contain many of the same architecture artifacts (objects, relations and views).
      • This creates complexity, making it harder to navigate the architecture and derive insight from it.
      • The dispersed modelling activities may be valid but there is a need to consolidate the holistic architecture to form a unique set of objects, relations and views.
      • There may also be a need to consolidate the models (i.e. not just the artifacts they contain) into a single model. Alternatively the ‘master’ artifacts would remain in the same models – i.e. multiple models containing unique artifacts residing in a single model package.

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