Edifit has produced ArchiMate models for clients in the Uk & Ireland which document the organisation’s “as-is” (existing) and “to-be” (future) architectures. The model is often used for the following benefits:


As-is Architecture
Capture and visualise the “as-is” architecture. Enables multiple stakeholder groups to visually understand the current Business and IT landscape.

System Dependencies

Understand how each component is connected. For example, how applications are used by business processes and business roles; how applications interface with other applications; which infrastructure platforms host business applications


Once the information is held in the model we can produce reports from it, including spreadsheets, matrices and diagrams, from the click of a button. The reports query the model and ask questions to produce reports. For example, a question may be:  if a server fails how will this affect the applications it hosts and the business processes or teams dependent on it.

“As-is” vs “To-be”

It is also possible to model future ‘to-be’ architecture states and show how the organisation will change over time via projects and programmes. This helps organisations to visualise the changes being made and understand the impacts. It is also possible to produce roadmap diagrams showing the organisation’s evolution over time, e.g. comparing by 2015 vs 2016 vs 2017

 Training, Architecture Capability & Governance

Edifit has worked with clients in the past to provide training services that help the stakeholders learn ArchiMate and build an internal capability to use the modelling tool. This helps to realise the benefits and return on investment. We also help our clients integrate a process for maintaining the model into existing governance processes.

Business Intelligence

Edifit also integrates the ArchiMate model with other systems via Business Intelligence tools. This can being the following benefits:
  • automate maintenance of the model by importing from existing data sources
  • Master Data Management capabilities that can be integrated with the ArchiMate model. MDM manages the list of components and the model joins the dots
  • Advanced reports and dashboards for key stakeholders