BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio & HoriZZon

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HoriZZon brings architecture models, business design capabilities and analyses to a broad audience of business stakeholders. 

World-class Architecture Software

The HoriZZon platform allows contributors to formulate, develop and share the target business model with key stakeholders. Information can be communicated using a range of visualisations and modelling notations.

Enterprise Studio is the HoriZZon platform’s modelling environment, and it can run independently as a stand-alone modelling tool for organisations that only require that specific functionality.

Data can be integrated and exchanged with a range of other technology platforms.

Business Ecosystems

This visualisation allows the user to model and analyse the economic community in which an organisation interacts with other stakeholders, such as other organisations, groups and individuals. 

The emphasis in an Ecosystem view is on the stakeholders, the values exchanged between them and the monetary flow in and out of the organisation.

Business Journey Maps

The Business Outcome Journey Map can help model the business goals and outcomes of an organisation in relation to the value streams that are realising it. It shows the value propositions they can offer to their customers, and the analysis of the capabilities, which make all of this possible.



The Roadmap enables you to model the evolution of your architecture and understand how artifacts will be phased in/out, and the impact caused by the change. It can be used for simple planning over time and is comparable to working with a Gantt chart, which can be used for scheduling projects or resources.


Enterprise Portfolio Management

Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) manages the entire enterprise landscape (projects, applications, assets, services, capabilities etc.) in portfolios. The EPM solution in Enterprise Studio includes support for defining both the assets and the project or program portfolios, and relating them to your enterprise architecture models.

Strategies on a Page

The Strategy on a Page view can be used to support storytelling by offering the possibility to combine different types of information (strategic, tactical, operational). Information from different strategy and business model views can be combined in this view.

This is often used a landing page to navigate into architecture content, and acts as a dashboards that summarises the architecture on a page. 

Dashboards & Analytics

Perform advanced analytics to query and understand your architecture, delivering valuable business insight. You can also generate dashboards and publish these to web based portals for access by Business Users.

Robust Repository

Allows you to manage the evolution of your model and track the changes.

Integrations including Microsoft Office

Exchange Architecture content with a variety of systems including Microsoft Office productivity suite, ServiceNow and SQL Databases.

Model integrations using intuitive user interfaces that are simple to configure.

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