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Bizzdesign is the world’s leading platform for business transformation software. It helps complex businesses comprehend, initiate and manage the effects of full-scale organisational change.

Change by design.

Bizzdesign Horizzon

World-class enterprise architecture software

Recognized as a Leader by Gartner and used by thousands of satisfied users at leading enterprises, Bizzdesign’s Horizzon software combines powerful data integration and a central ‘insight graph’ with current to future state modelling, roadmapping and real time analytics in a single secure and flexible collaborative business design and change platform supporting all key frameworks. It unifies strategy, capabilities, operating models and change portfolios.

Supported disciplines

Enterprise Architecture

Align strategy, capabilities, processes and technology to create a clear line-of-sight from decision making to implementation.

Business Process Management

Design, control, and improve your business processes. Analyze and optimize your processes and create insight in business change.

Portfolio Management

Support effective decision-making on investments, by managing projects, applications, products and services in portfolios.

Business Model & Strategy

Test your resilience against future scenarios, exploit critical business moments by relating your enterprise strategy to your business model.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Ensure enterprise-wide compliance with applicable regulations. Assess the impact of new rules and guarantee their effective implementation.

Business Logic

Gain a clear understanding of rules, regulations and decisions in your business processes to reduce complexity and improve business agility.

Data Management

Describe the use and importance of data in your products, processes, and applications to ensure quality and transparency.

Core platform capabilities

Multi-discipline collaboration

Designing and executing change is a collaborative effort. Bizzdesign Horizzon is designed to bring together people across roles, disciplines and geographies. Your change leaders and experts have all the tools they need for data maintenance, modeling, analysis and decision-making

Data integration

The platform operates as a data hub in the larger ecosystems of our customers.The Open API offers advanced functionality to integrate and connect data from other systems and sources.

Advanced analytics

Intuitive tools allow users to use self-service analytics, including capability maps, heatmaps and charts, utilizing all data and relations in the repository. In addition, Horizzon provides advanced querying, calculations and scripting and supports out-of-the-box BI integration.

Models and Roadmaps

Discover the powerful modeling capabilities, across strategy models, architecture models, process models, data models and decision models.
Enterprise Studio, Bizzdesign Horizzon’s powerful and intuitive modeling environment, enables you to capture current state, design future states scenarios, and roadmaps to bridge towards the future.

Governance & Security

Bizzdesign sets the bar when it comes to platform governance and security. Bizzdesign Horizzon governance features include: single sign-on, audit trail, policies, access control and workflows. Bizzdesign is ISO27001 and SOC2 certified.

Business Insight Graph

At the core of Bizzdesign Horizzon is a central repository, your multi-dimensional single source of truth. We supports an extensive range of standards, frameworks and techniques, including ArchiMate, TOGAF, AMBER, BPMN, UML, ERD, DMN, PESTEL and Kanban. Because of the graph-style setup, Horizzon is built to capture and understand how everything is related.

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