Edifit Document Coach

Quickly produce document deliverables from existing architecture repository content.

Generate and update ‘living’ files without losing manual enrichments made directly in the document.

Keep document content in sync with repository changes and ensure alignment across all stakeholders.

Customisable Document Coach

  • The Document Coach provides a flexible mechanism to configure document structures and generate new or update existing documents.
  • Choose which architecture content to include in documents generated.
  • Choose the styles and format of content to be generated.
  • Generate documents from templates to ensure consistency across projects.

Perfect documents are generated

  • Documents are generated using custom styles and templates.
  • Generate new deliverables or update existing documents.
  • Content can be added directly to the documents where required.
  • Content added directly to documents will not be deleted when next refreshed & synchronised with the architecture repository.

Choose how you want to display your architecture content

Content formats are configured using the Report content profile.

  • View images & documentation.
  • Attributes & metrics for objects & relations.
  • Tables & matrices.
  • Query tool viewpoint scripts.

Images & documentation are generated automatically

  • Content will be generated & updated based on the formats selected.
  • Here, the view’s image and it’s documentation is displayed.

Generate tables from BiZZdesign charts

Word tables are generated automatically

Generate properties & metrics tables from objects or relations

  • Generate property tables for objects and relations contained in views.
  • Control which profiles, attributes and metrics to include in generated documents.

Property & metric tables are generated in Word automatically

Generate tables from model queries & scripts

  • Generate tables from complex model queries.
  • Scripts can execute queries based on the content within a chosen view.
  • Ability to include any model package information.

Word tables are generated automatically

Generate matrix tables

  • Choose whether to generate regular or transposed axis tables.

Matrix tables are generated automatically

Colour & label viewpoints

  • Ability to apply viewpoint filters
  • Includes Colour & Label viewpoints
  • Examples including emphasis of Baseline (as-is) vs Target (to-be)

Filtered views are generated in Word

System Requirements

  • Edifit Framework Add-Ins are an extension for Bizzdesign Horizzon (Enteprise Studio).
  • Minimum software version is Enterprise Studio 4, November 2021 or higher.
  • Requires an active Horizzon Server deployment; it will not run on a standalone Enterprise Studio client.
  • Horizzon Server can be a SaaS deployment or an on-premise deployment.


  • Licences are based on an annual subscription and will auto-renew unless cancelled.
  • Licences are assigned per Horizzon server URL.
    e.g. https://yoursubdomain.horizzon.cloud
  • The Framework Add-Ins can be installed on ALL model packages saved to the Horizzon server URL.
  • All model package users can use Framework Add-In functionality.