Edifit Model Governance

This Add-In helps to automate the governance of your Bizzdesign Horizzon model package content, allowing you to focus on model production, not model administration.

Configure advanced compliance checks and organise model content automatically based upon your cataloguing rules. Change the rules as requirements evolve and re-organise content accordingly.

Manage content status via approval workflows to easily distinguish between draft, approved and archived content.


  • Setup model package structure & define modelling and cataloguing rules.
  • Organise work within designated spaces, auto-tidying content based upon the rules.
  • Check and verify content is complete and compliant to advanced modelling rules before submission (syntax checking).
  • Review content in accordance with your existing processes (semantic checking).
  • Approve content via your existing processes and mark for approval.
  • Version content and move to the designated space based upon type and status.

Working in Iterations

  • Setup Iteration: Set up and configure the Add-In within a model package according to your specific requirements.

  • Working Iteration: Using the Add-In as a modeller, to help your team to develop, build and organise compliant content.

  • Governance Iteration: Using the Add-In as a model administrator to automate and streamline repository actions arising from governance decisions.

Configure to your ways of working

  • Setup the Add-In to integrate with your existing governance workflows.
  • The Add-In will guide modellers to correct non-compliant content.
  • Control access to review and approval actions.
  • Automate content promotion as of review/approval lifecycles.

Control content state

  • Content lifeycles applied to all model content.
  • Track conent from creation, through approval and to archive status.
  • Request changes to approved content and restoration of archived content.

System Requirements

  • Edifit Framework Add-Ins are an extension for Bizzdesign Horizzon (Enteprise Studio).
  • Minimum software version is Enterprise Studio 4, November 2021 or higher.
  • Requires an active Horizzon Server deployment; it will not run on a standalone Enterprise Studio client.
  • Horizzon Server can be a SaaS deployment or an on-premise deployment.


  • Licences are based on an annual subscription and will auto-renew unless cancelled.
  • Licences are assigned per Horizzon server URL.
    e.g. https://yoursubdomain.horizzon.cloud
  • The Framework Add-Ins can be installed on ALL model packages saved to the Horizzon server URL.
  • All model package users can use¬†Framework Add-In functionality.