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Architecture Software

    • BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio & HoriZZon Platform
    • We offer world class Enterprise Architecture Modelling software, partnering with BiZZdesign
    • As independents, we specialise in integrating architecture tools with a number of software vendors
    • We develop our software add-ons that enhance modelling software

    Professional services

      • EA Capability Start-up
      • Capability Modelling & Maturity
      • EA / Solution Architecture Consulting
      • Strategies & Roadmaps
      • Architecture Model Configuration




      • Architecture Standards Training
      • Architecture Software Training

      Edifit Software Add-Ons

      Edifit Document Coach

      Advanced Word DOCUMENT Generation

      Intuitive User Interfaces
      Generate New Documents
      Update Existing Documents
      Custom Word Styles & Templates

      JIRA & Confluence integration

      Download Projects, Boards and Issues
      Create Backlog Items
      Publish architectures to Confluence Spaces using intuitive user interfaces  

      Azure Integration

      Download or Provision Azure Resource Groups & Services

      model rationalisation

      De-Duplicate Architecture Artifacts
      Merge Model Packages

      sharepoint integration 

      Download & Upload SharePoint Lists
      Publish architectures

      model exchange

      Advanced Model Artifact Exchange between Model Packages
      & Modelling Tools

      Edifit Document Coach

      Who is this for?

      • You already use BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio and would like to generate more advanced Microsoft Word document deliverables than is possible using ‘out of the box’ reporting features.
      • You’d like to bring consistency to your document deliverables; building templates and leveraging reusable content in BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio, all without without scripting.
      • You’d like to be able to enrich the generated document directly in Word and update content from BiZZdesign without losing your manual edits.

      How does it work?

      The Edifit document coach allows you to use your existing Coach Views in BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio as the basic structure for your document deliverable. Point it at a document template file and watch it build the document for you.

      Want to know more?

      Please take a look at the Edifit Document Coach page to see product videos and introductory offers.


      Architecture Model Rationalisation

      • Separation of user modelling has resulted in multiple models, each of which contain many of the same architecture artifacts (objects, relations and views).
      • This creates complexity, making it harder to navigate the architecture and derive insight from it.
      • The dispersed modelling activities may be valid but there is a need to consolidate the holistic architecture to form a unique set of objects, relations and views.
      • There may also be a need to consolidate the models (i.e. not just the artifacts they contain) into a single model. Alternatively the ‘master’ artifacts would remain in the same models – i.e. multiple models containing unique artifacts residing in a single model package.

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